INV sin cos tan
log ln y C
7 8 9 × ÷
4 5 6 + -
1 2 3 ±


AKCalc is a simple stack based reverse Polish notation calculator. The main display shows the top of the stack at which values can be entered with the digit keys whilst the right hand display shows the rest of the stack. Values are pushed onto the stack with the ↵ key.
When an operation key is pressed the argument is popped off of the top of the stack and the result is pushed back onto the stack. For operations that take two arguments, the second argument is retrieved before the first. For example 3-5 is calculated with the keystrokes 3 ↵ 5 -.
Note that immediately after an operation, pressing a numeric key will push a new number onto the top of the stack which can then be edited. If a digit of an operation's result is deleted with ← then the result is treated as a new value that can be further edited.

Key Bindings

C / AC<delete>
sin / asins
cos / acosc
tan / atant
log / 10xg
ln / exl
y√ / xyy
√ / x2q